Swarovski Jewellery Collaboration

Mystical Tarot for Swarovski
A collaboration with Swarovski

Mystical Tarot for Swarovski

Ana De Costa makes her catwalk debut with Swarovski at the high profile 'Runway Rocks' show. This was in collaboration with Coutts, for the first London Jewellery week at The Phillips De Pury Gallery, London on in 2008. Her catwalk piece was an organic development from her collection, titled 'Mystical Tarot.'

Ana's latest design for Swarovski forms a narrative, following the story of the characters, which appear, on the Art Noveau tarot deck, translated directly to the body piece she has created. As a colourist, Ana selects a warm combination of colour ways in Swarovski crystal stones and beads, combined with a light butter coloured handmade napa leather glove. These colours include mixing golden metal and chains alongside jonquil, khaki, lime and cognac shades of crystal, which demonstrates Ana's playful use of colour and reflecting her freethinking bohemian spirit.

The piece exemplifies an interesting use of asymmetric design, to 'drip' naturally across the body, exuding a powerful and sensual form. It is studded with Swarovski beads and gold chains. The main shoulder piece is evocative of decorative armour and as the forms weave into and out of each other, the colour of the crystals fades into a lighter or darker shade. A sash of sparkling crystal beads and chains attach the shoulder piece to an equally decorative headpiece. This headpiece is based on a section of a princess's hair, which appeared on a tarot card. The entwined form demonstrates a luxurious colour fade of crystals.