Gemfields Jewellery Collaboration

Exquisite Gandhi Zambian Emerald Earrings
A collaboration with Ethical Mining Company Gemfields

Teardrop Emerald Earrings


Gandhi - 'We must be the change we wish to see'

Emeralds are the most valuable gemstones from the Beryl family and throughout history they have been valued for their mythological powers and associated with rebirth, love, peace and wisdom. Naturally, these prized gemstones were sought after by Royalty and nobility alike, across the globe. The beauty of the rich deep green stones was thought to give the wearer status due to the value and powers ascribed to the stones. Ana de Costa returns with her most impressive and valuable pair of earrings to date, as joint charity collaboration with the London based ethical emerald mining company, Gemfields. *

Mahatma Gandhi was the most prolific spiritual and ideological leader of the 20th Century, fighting for India's independence and inspiring the global fight for peace and freedom. The inspiration for the earrings follow a spiritual and mystical path, creating an award winning aesthetic which Ana has become recognised for since graduating from Central St Martins, London in 2005. They draw inspiration from one of Gandhi's most famous quotes- ' We must be the change we wish to see' and act as a powerful reminder of the strength of the human character and what can be achieved with passion and belief. These emeralds are the perfect stones to represent Gandhi's spirit due to what they represent.

As a true artisan, Ana has hand mounted the earrings in 18ct yellow gold, with flowing undulating lines which weave in and out of each other, to add a sense of space and depth. The overall styling of the earrings is reminiscent of the decadence of the 1920s Art Nouveau period. The beautiful emeralds (19.96 ct total) are suspended as drops, with natural cognac diamonds (1.90ct total) being used in areas of pave and as larger stones. This adds sparkle and a sense of light, but also to contrast with the emeralds, enabling them to 'glow' naturally on their own in an ethereal way; a nod to a magical spiritual world. A sash of tapered glistening chains are used to finish the earrings and add an extra decadence and glamour to the piece.

At the core of this piece lies Ana's multifaceted personality, passion, energy and avant garde approach to the design of fine jewellery. She has shown an innate sense of styling jewellery, without compromising on quality of materials and craftsmanship. This piece clearly demonstrates that Ana is a designer of our time, who can interpret zeitgeist powerfully. However, the most powerful aspect of this piece is that resonates hope; hope that a change is coming.

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the earrings will be pledged by Ana back to the Community schools project- one of Gemfields many social investment projects. The retail value of the earrings is $150,000

*These deep green Zambian emeralds have been produced by London based coloured gemstone mining company, Gemfields whose focus is on the consistent supply of ethically produced emeralds, that have followed a transparent route from mine to market.