The quality and provenance of our gemstones

We are committed to sourcing the world's most beautiful and ethically sourced gemstones; only using those from established suppliers. Ana de Costa adheres to the Kimberley Process, never buying or trading rough or cut loose diamonds from areas where it would encourage conflict or human suffering and every Ana de Costa diamond bears the hallmark of quality, accountability and provenance.
The majority of Ana de Costa diamonds are laser inscripted with a unique Gemological Institute of America (GIA) tracking number, that whilst invisible to the naked eye, allows for its origin to be traced- all the while protecting the perfection and beauty of the stone.
Coloured gemstones are also sourced in a stringent ethical fashion. Important gemstones are often supplied with laboratory certificates to verify their provenance.

The purchase of gemstones for investment

As part of the bespoke service we are also able to purchase loose gemstones for clients as investment pieces. This is predominantly done with diamonds, due to the value increases that have been seen over the last decade. However, we are also able to purchase other precious gemstones for clients, such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires. We have also worked closely with international clients to arrange secure storage of these valuable stones in safety deposit boxes.


A full valuation is supplied with each bespoke piece created and also with fine collection pieces from Ana de Costa London. This valuation is in accordance to information required by all household insurers. Valuations for non Ana de Costa pieces can be supplied, however, these are charged at a standard cost of 3% of the value of the piece.